Jovanotti – Ti Porto Via Con Me (Alessandro Caira Remix)

Alessandro-Caira-vs-Jovanotti-RemixAlessandro Caira (Facebook / Twitter) is an Italian DJ and producer who has been making music for over a decade. He is known for his style of blending EDM and electronic music.

In 2013 he released a remix of Jovanotti’s “Ti Porto via con me”, which quickly hit a cool success on his SoundCloud channel. The remix features Caira’s signature sound, a combination of driving beats, deep basslines and melodic synths.

It’s a track that will get you out of your seat and get your feet moving. The energy and passion in the song is unmistakable and it’s clear that Caira put a lot of work into making it.

About the track

Regarding this song, Jovanotti himself spoke openly in an interview about how the idea of creating this song came about, saying “For ‘Ti porto via con me‘ I looked for Benny Benassi who is a number one, an international name, I told him: ‘I would like to do something with you’, we met him and we wrote together the track of the piece and then we did a job trying to go beyond Benny Benassi’s work, go beyond his base, I wanted to make that music my own, so we put the brass, the guitars, and a pop song came out.


The song’s lyrics talk about a declaration to a woman and contain many descriptions of the artist’s feelings. The style of the song is varied, with a first part characterized by acoustic guitars and piano and a second by dance/italo house sounds.

The final part sees electronic, acoustic guitars and trumpets playing together. The version with Benny Benassi sees only the presence of electronics in the song, making it a purely electro house track.

The video, posted on Jovanotti’s YouTube channel on June 9th 2013, is the same for both versions, and shows Jovanotti dressed in yellow dancing while singing, with speakers and instruments in the background, and a billboard with a writing in Esperanto: Mi prenos vin kun mi (I’ll take you with me).